Refrigeration Package for Provision Store

CO2 is your easiest way to a provision stores refrigeration system. It lasts the lifetime of the installation. Never again have to face the challenges of future phase-outs of chemical refrigerants.

Winns basic unit fits 95% of the LQ's provision stores applications.

Refrigeration Package for Provision Store

The product

CO2nnext are a small, low noise, enclosed compressor skid that will fit any doorway (1000x700x1900mm) and can be placed almost anywhere within HVAC treated safe area, connected to air cooled ATEX gas cooler (condenser) for Zone 1 or 2, or to a water cooled Heat exchanger.

Basic unit cover the capacities needed in most LQ's with its 7 kW cooling and 5 kW freezing capacity. Also available in larger capacities up to 24 kW.

Even if NORSOK describes semi hermetic compressors, semi hermetic CO2 compressors does not support the flexibility in a typical provision stores plant as the part loads may be very low over time during normal operation.

Winns booster systems operates only with VSD controlled hermetic rolling piston compressors that allows for part loads step-less down to 900 W cooling and 700 W of freezing capacity. These compressors also offers a very low noise emission, commonly compared to the humming sound of a busy bumblebee inside. With the Low noise version cabinet, emission get as low as 42 dba.

A CO2 Booster system contains both cooling and freezing


Transcriptional booster systems are cascade systems.The freezer system delivers its discharge hot gas to the cooling compressors suction line. This gives the advantage of a common liquid line supplying both cooling and freezing consumers, installing only 3 tubes is lowering the installation cost compared to other systems with separate lines.

Due to the CO2's thermal properties also the size of the tubing is considerable smaller compared to conventional refrigerant tubing with the same capacity range. The tubing material is normally a high pressure CU alloy containing 2% carbon steel, these tubes (K65) have the same installer qualification requirements as ordinary CU tubing using the same silver based brazing additive.

Compered to SS tubing, the K65 also offer reduction in weight and excellent heat transfer properties and of course reduced installation time due to brazing instead of welding!
Safety through two well-known manufacturers, TÜV certified. Learn more about K65 tubing in this external link to manufacturer: K65-system - K65® System

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