Thermal Energy - Preserve & Distribute System for Living Quarters

It’s a system for living quarters, where the potential for reducing virgin electric power supply is massive, in a typical Offshore Living Quarter (LQ).

Thermal Energy - Preserve & Distribute System for Living Quarters

Living Quarter Energy Consumption

The potential for reducing virgin electric power supply is massive in a typical Offshore Living Quarter (LQ)

At offshore LQ's electrical power is put into computer rack and equipment rooms (LIR, LER & CCR). Near 100% of this power is then transformed into heat emission from the CPU's.

In order to keep the computers or equipment working it needs cooling, additional power is then used to operate the DX cooling units and HVAC system for removing this thermal energy to out side air or to the sea.

On the other hand, the HVAC supply air heating system are in need of thermal energy and fed continuously with virgin electric power to maintain correct temperature inside the LQ. While the HVAC extract air system constantly sucks out massive amounts of thermal energy, in most cases with out any reclaim what so ever.

The amount of energy leaving LQ's trough the extract air is in an average between 250-450 kW, constantly year around.

Also the hot tap water system are depending on 100% virgin electric power to keep the tap water temperature close to 80 degrees C.

For onshore hotels, office buildings and cooperatives Winns has for many years focused on the principle of keeping the energy inside the building and distribute it where its needed. Experience and research supports that the energy savings are massive.

Going forward it is obvious that the energy consumption, reclaiming and distribution in offshore LQ's in general are in dire need of attention as well as being area of focus for operating companies with the goal of reducing their carbon footprint.

This will be not only recommended, but are expected to be part of governmental regulations in the near future, Norwegian legislating committees are already working on new laws for handling of excess heat in industrial and commercial applications.

Winns TEPDS is based on the principle of Thermal Energy -Preserve & Distribute, reducing the need for virgin electric power to an absolute minimum.

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